Weekly Devotion 3/27/2017

“… who once was unprofitable to you, but now is profitable to you and to me”. Philemon 11

This book is about a slave owner named Philemon and his slave, Onesimus. Onesimus has run away from Philemon and through circumstances not recorded in scripture, he met Paul in Rome and became a Christian.  Paul, in chains, is instructing Onesimus to return to Philemon, his slave master and make things right.  The encouragement written to Philemon was to take back this man who was once unprofitable to him and realize that he is now profitable.  He encouraged Philemon to extend forgiveness for any wrongdoing and to see Onesimus not as a slave, but as a brother in Christ.  Only God can do this. He is able to take broken relationships that have no profit to us and make them profitable again.  God delights in restoration and redemption.  As Christians we have the joy of extending the forgiveness we have so freely received.  Apply these principles to your walk. Is there someone with whom you need to make things right?  Is there someone asking for forgiveness that you need to receive back into your life? Remember, there is no part of our lives that are beyond God’s redeeming love.

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